A TOO Hot for Facebook Birthday!!

A TOO Hot for Facebook Birthday!!


OMG!! I am 30!! And I feel Fabulous!!

12096172_10207947693309015_8626884215104369893_nOn October 10th, I was overwhelmed by all the love and Birthday wishes I received this month! So THANK YOU again for making me feel so special! Turning 30 is a pivotal age where one reflects on adulthood, purpose and goals. I am a goal-oriented and driven individual. One of the things I admire in other people is not their level of success but their level of drive. I think its their level of drive, matched with action that determines what one accomplishes. I love to share what I learn because it truly is the only way to master something. So that was my moment of reflection, now lets get to the fun part!

WARNING!! Discretion Is Advised for the Photo at the End!!

Here is a photo of some of my great friends dinning at a tasty restaurant! I’m vegetarian so I wanted to cater to everyone from meat-eaters to my vegan friends. They all sang the “Happy Birthday” song that was adorable. We had a funny moment when we decided to take a picture similar to last year’s of just us boys, for our friend Eric’s birthday celebration which coincides with mine in about 5 days apart. Nonetheless, we thought it was a cute idea!

12112427_10207815892302045_7291989541054937837_nWe decided to go to Club Manor in Fort Lauderdale to dance and celebrate! Well, what seemed like an innocent night out in the town proved to be TOO HOT for Facebook! No we did not go to a strip club! Not exactly my style but I have something more HOT for you! A FIERCE Drag Show! 😛20151026-1874402578Photo taken by my friend Jorge of the sensual and imaginative performance of the Legendary Drag Queen Erica Norell! Who was carried out like an Egyptian goddess and worshiped by all the little boys who were gagging over her beauty (myself included)! Flaked by two gorgeous dancers, who could have asked for a more perfect ending to my Birthday Bash!?

Told you it was TOO HOT for Facebook!

All Hail the Queen!



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