How To Stop Being Under-Estimated AND Under-Rated!

How To Stop Being Under-Estimated AND Under-Rated!


How to Stop Being Under-Estimated AND Under-Rated!

You felt that sting of disapproval in your friends and family’s reaction when you decided to pursue your deepest passion! It hurts, your self-esteem plummets and doubt infects your mind. Did you know this happens to everyone who has ever succeeded? Read any biography of many successful and happy individuals, you will see that there is an underlying trend that these resilient people have in common. They NEVER gave into the temptation of allowing others to dictate their life. It is so easy to do what people tell you to do because we are programmed to do so. But with perseverance and determination, inspiring people create their reality because they were true to their own heart.

Set Your Mindset for Success!mindset

Understand WHY people are underestimating you once you embark on the journey towards your dreams. Most friends and family mean well but what is actually happening is when you begin to create change for yourself, it reminds them of their own unwillingness to change. To see you creating change for yourself threatens the image they hold of you, which really threatens their own self-image. Oh and the reverse is true, a “successful” person can be unwilling to change their image of you since you have not “proved” yourself. Don’t worry about this, it’s a reflection of the same insecurities. A true leader will ONLY applaud your efforts and cheer you on. People like you are READY for more, just remember that!

Don’t Take Advice from friends and family or ANYONE who projects failure on you! Negative people love to give unsolicited advice because they are afraid for you (almost like on your behalf) to make a mistake! YOU WILL AND IT’S OK because mistakes are part of the road to BIG success! Take advice from people who are where you WANT to be not from people with a poverty mindset. Knowing this makes it easier to stop caring so much about what people think of you.

Surround Yourself with ONLY optimistic people who nurture your ideas and inspire you to be bold! Energy is very contagious, so make your personal space a priority and have a ZERO-TOLERANCE for negativity and criticism that comes from a place of fear. You want constructive criticism that is helpful and that challenges you do better! Ways to surround yourself with great people is to try joining a MeetUp group, Book Club or a class that features your favorite hobby!

Reprogram Yourself into believing you CAN and WILL! We are so programmed to think that “we Can’t do this or that” by our parents, siblings, peers and society in general. All this was to keep you “safe”. Safety is not the issue anymore, no one has ever became an inspiration to others by playing it safe. Your brain is like a computer, what goes in, is what comes out! So read, study, learn, attend workshops, trainings, seminars and LISTEN to some form of inspirational audio or video! These things are key to pushing yourself to step beyond your comfort zone!

Then Show’Em What You Got!


Become Highly Skilled! Lots of people quit their goals and dreams because they don’t take the time to learn and develop the skill set they needed in order to accomplish them. The human brain becomes more and more effective at doing something with repetition. It takes 10 years to become a master at what you do, but do you know why? Simple! You brain will have already calibrated all the mistakes from all that practice!  If you focus on what you love and practice it every day, you become a hopeless success!

Stay Classy & Humble No matter how talented or how much you earn, being arrogant or entitled is by far the worst thing you can be and you won’t get far with an attitude. On the other hand, if you show that you truly care for others, people will want to support you and see you succeed. There will always be haters, don’t respond in kind, respond with silence. You can’t sink down to their level and expect to come from a genuine place. Be vigilant on creating WIN-WIN outcomes in business and in life.

Prove Yourself! In order to make others take you seriously, you have to prove that you are committed to what you are doing. The best way to do this is to prove to yourself that you CAN! Don’t do everything in order to prove your worth, you are worthy! If you prove to yourself that you can develop a skill set and use it, then THAT will be enough for you, since you will no longer seek approval from others. Then you will come from a powerful place of expressing yourself to the world! And let your light shine!



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