How to Contour Like The Mavens!

How to Contour Like The Mavens!


You have seen it on Instagram, Facebook, & YouTube and yet,  you still want to learn more! Maybe you’re missing that one piece that will change your entire look! Look no further! Motives Maven Sculpt Palette Series was created for the celebrity makeup line Motives Cosmetics by Loren Ridinger and Motives for Lala Anthony. Handpicked by six of our Motives Mavens who are Social Media Beauty Sensations. You will discover where exactly to contour and highlight using Face Maps that these beauties created!  Don’t miss the BONUS video by another Beauty Advisor at the end of this post showing us how easy it is to use this palette!

Are You Fire or Ice?



What is so unique about this particular contouring and highlighting palette is that there are two different versions designed for the two most common undertones. Fire is exactly what it means, warmer yellow undertones and Ice is for cooler pink undertones. Did you know that about 70% of the population has yellow undertones in their skin? And 30% contain pink cooler undertones. Undertones play an important part in makeup as it is tone that enhances the colors and makes the color life-like.

Not sure what undertones you have? Take a look at your veins in your wrists are they green or blue? Green veins means you have warm golden/yellow undertones. So the Fire Palette is for you.


Blue veins means you have cooler undertones and then the Ice Palette is for you. So now that you know which palette is right for you, let me show you how to use it like a Maven!


Face Mapping: How to Contour & Highlight



Are you confused or scared to even attempt to contour and highlight when you see photos like these on Social Media? If you’re like most beauty enthusiast, you’re thinking how can these beauties go from Warrior Princess to looking like a Flawless Airbrushed Celebrity!? Well, this is called Face Mapping where artists are showing you how they contour and highlight. Face Mapping is more of a guideline than a “carved in stone” or in this case “carved in face” rule. The secret is to learn how to read these Face Maps, then try it and eventually develop you own unique individual style! Lucky for us, our Mavens have created these diagrams to show you what they mean!


Our Beautiful Mavens Maryam Maquillage and Ellarie Noel shows us how to read ANY Contour and Highlight Face Map!

Motives Sculpt Series Palette Review & Tutorial

Simple Contour & Highlight Tutorial by fellow Motives Beauty Advisor Masha Vlasenko! Vlasenko walks you through a simple step by step tutorial showing exactly where you may want to apply the cream contour and highlight.

How To Buy Your Motives Mavens Sculpt Series Palette

You can get yours at Motives Mavens Sculpt Series and earn cashback and if you are in Canada or if buying anywhere in the UK, Mexico, Tawain and Australia or anywhere else in the world order at BUT to get an extra 10% OFF of your first order and access over 200 Makeup Tutorials enter your info here Exclusive Code and I will send you the Exclusive Code!


Want More Motives?


Explore a Year with Motives! Motives is an award-winning professional makeup line created by Loren Ridinger and partner Lala Anthony that offers beauty in every shade at an affordable price! Worn by celebrities, models, and everyday women for makeup that lasts, Motives actually is healthy for you!






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