How Your Values Determines Your Finances!

How Your Values Determines Your Finances!


What Type of Income Earner Are You? And How To Make A Shift!

Have you ever been told: Go to School, Get Good Grades and find a high paying job with benefits? Who told you this? Mom, Dad, brother, sister, friends and teachers? For the majority of people, taking this advice has led to dried up savings, mounting debt, maxed out credit cards and living pay check to paycheck. Is there REALLY another way!? Thankfully there is, but the hard part is really looking deep into ourselves and see what values are holding us back in order to begin the process of changing it!

The Four Ways To Generate Cashflow

World Class author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki explains how cash flow is generated and how exactly to create wealth.


It is staggering to realize that 95% of the population work for the 5% of the world’s financially wealthy! One values security and the other values freedom. Of course, there is so much more to it than that but it is a simplest way to put it.

Did you know that it COSTS MONEY TO HAVE A JOB?

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Did you know IT COST MONEY TO MAKE MONEY – YOUR JOB IS NO DIFFERENT. On a monthly and daily basis you have to first look the part, so maybe you have to wear professional attire and maintain hair and nails. You have to get there right? Gas per month may be several hundred dollars. THEN you have to eat! That’s an average of $10 per day! The average employee spends about $300 – $400 per month just to HAVE a job! Not to mention the cost of drinking at a bar after work to relieve stress from work or maybe even a ton of entertainment to provide enough distraction to make your job bearable. Not that you hate your boss or anything!

A Worthy Pursuit!

Skills Definition Closeup Shows Aptitude Ability And Competence

Skill Sets are what makes you wealthy not money! Even if you make millions of dollars, your skill sets will determine how you will spend it or invest. Luckily, we don’t need millions of dollars to invest in a business opportunity. Like Wealthy Building Expert Robert Kiyosaki says, starting a home-based or web-based business costs under $500. But it is learning Skill Sets that will determine your next level of Cash Flow!

How To Create Cash Flow From Everyday Purchases AND Get Paid To Shop!

The short video explains exactly how you can start a home based or web-based business using your everyday purchases to create Cashflow overtime! The infographic below shows how the average family household spends about $1,385 per month which can be funneled through your own SHOP.COM site (which is like owning an Amazon site) and by teaching others how to save on everyday purchases using your site, you increase your Cashflow! It is a Win-Win!


Now that we already covered the first Principles of Wealth: Wealth Building Principle of Timing, which we learned that NOW is the time to capitalize the current trend of owning a web-based business and today we covered the second Principle of Wealth: Cashflow or Residual Income. If you are willing to learn more about how you can create a web-based business around your passion of Makeup & Skincare, Weight Loss & Fitness, Health & Wellness or Website Technology, contact me to show you how. The next Principle of Wealth is Tax Advantages in which I will be posting soon!



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