3 Things That Will Help You Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions!

3 Things That Will Help You Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions!



As we embark into a New Year, we normally think back to all the things that we have accomplished and all that we want to achieve. We bring with us a heighten sense of awareness of what we want and what we don’t want. I think back to how 2015 had a lot to do with laying the foundation for what’s to come. Yet, there are some goals that are simply more challenging to stick to than others. I know many people feel they aim for the stars but usually land somewhere similar to where they started. As someone who is constantly setting and renewing goals, these are three things that may help you make your New Year Resolution goals a reality!

Take Massive Action!

You know how you feel when you get that sudden “urge” to take action or “brilliant idea” that you just have to write it down? That is your body’s way of telling you to take action, to go to the gym to burn that pasta you overate last night or that business idea you know you want to start. Then, you ignore it, because it would mean actual change in your life! LISTEN to those sudden urges and take MASSIVE action on those ideas once they start bubbling up, it is your intuition signaling that things are lining up for you! The key is to take action everyday and not wait for those inspirations to come. Inspiration comes in the midst of taking action in the moment of creating something! Most people wait until something happens to them before taking action, which they find themselves waiting a very long time. You want to initiate the engine of inspiration by taking massive action today!

Appreciate Every Step of the Way!

Taking Massive Action is not about doing everything at once, it is more about taking action everyday starting today! No matter how seemingly small your actions are, they can have MAJOR results! So giving yourself praise motivates you forward to keep going! Appreciating every step of the way is what actually creates happiness during the journey. Focusing on things that are not working out the way you planned it or the lack of results you wanted, does not get you there. It is the very thing that keeps you stuck where you are. Instead, savor the fun feeling of creativity and connection with others, you want to focus on the bigger picture, such as how much you have grown as a person or the people you have met along the way. That is what they mean by “enjoying the journey”!

NEVER Give Up!

Whatever you do, NEVER give up! You will have days where you feel like nothing is working out and everyone not being as supportive as you had hoped. This is the time where Winners are separated from the Losers! Most people want to give up when they don’t see the results their actions are taking. When it does get tough, you have to become tougher to weather any storm. Remember why got started, was it the promise of a brighter future, desire for a sexy new body or even a business venture to gain financial freedom? Giving up has detrimental effects on your psyche. It causes depression, feelings of unworthiness and a sense of failure. And worse, it teaches your family, children, friends and everyone you know that it is OK to give up when things gets tough. If something is not working out, don’t change the Goal, change your Attitude and Method towards achieving it! But NEVER give up on your dreams! Imagine how you will feel once you achieve it, never give up on your Awesome-ness!



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