Why Dream Big?

Why Dream Big?


People don’t get you, they say you are a “dreamer” and even though you try, you just can’t seem to fit in. So to please them, you do what others expect of you. You stuff all of your true desires somewhere in the back of your head and hope it will disappear…how is that working out? See when you try to force your deepest desires away, you cut yourself off from the fuel that would drive you towards your dreams!

Many people are afraid to follow their dreams all due to one culprit -Fear. Fear of failure, fear of making mistakes, fear of success, fear of what others might think of them, fear of your goals not working out. And the list goes on and on! I get it, I have all those fears but there is an important step to take to overcome them, you must EVALUATE yourself by taking an honest look at where you are and where you want to go! And ask yourself: Am I worth my dreams? Your desires for success must become BIGGER than any fear you have in order to drive forward!

What actually happens when you allow yourself the pleasure of dreaming big? Things start to happen, that’s what! When you begin to EXPAND the vision of what you can accomplish, you open up mental doors to allow yourself to accept the reality that what you want CAN happen. And when those mental doors are open, it’s a beautiful thing, LIFE begins to open up to you! Things synchronistically begins to line up for you, that old friend you been thinking about calls, an unexpected check comes in that you forgot about, a job to make some extra cash pops out of nowhere, suddenly everywhere you see, you see opportunity! That is what happens when you allow yourself to dream BIG!

opendoorsSo why does life start to magically open up for you when you dream big? Remember those “mental doors” I mentioned? Well they were once closed, which prevented you from seeing the opportunities that were always there for you and so, your mental blocks or doors were too closed to see it! Once you allow yourself to see what could be, you are more likely to take actions towards your dreams because you will have become energized by the possibility of making them a reality! Allow yourself to be fully immersed in the vision you are creating, really feel how it would feel to be in that moment of manifesting what you want! All of your resistance/fears you had about your goals and dreams will subside in that moment. And you will have taken one powerful step closer to where you want to be. You are literately opening the doors of your mind to see what is truly possible!



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