YOU seen it here first! Loren Ridinger and Lala Anthony creators of Motives by Loren Ridinger & Motives for Lala are launching their NEW 2016 Spring/Summer Collection next week at the World Conference hosted at the American Airlines Arena right here in Miami! You know where Madonna just had her concert a few days ago! Thousands of Motives Beauty Advisors and Entrepreneurs will be flying in from all over the world to witness the launch and enjoy the business trainings offered. I will attending this amazing 3 Day Event! And I am so excited to see what new products, innovations and colors combinations they are coming out with next! Of course, you will hear all about it in my next blog post as I give you the exclusive first look of the NEW Collection! I was informed there will be some celebrity sightings and the Motives Mavens/Beauty Gurus such as MaryamNYC will be guests. In fact, I just received a hint of confirmation by the gorgeous Maryam Maquillage today on my Instagram account when I posted one of her photos wearing Motives!


I am so EXCITED that she remembered me from last year, especially having almost a Million Followers on Instagram! Be sure to follow her @maryamNYC. You will see updates of this fabulous event all over my Social Media next week. Until then, enjoy the Sneek Peek!


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