How to Ground & Center Yourself!

How to Ground & Center Yourself!


Being grounded and centered while we go about our day in this, sometimes. chaotic world can be a tremendous asset! For those unfamiliar with the term, grounding is the state of being fully present and connected with the earth, also known as earthing. To understand this better, think about how grounded our ancestors must have been while living in the natural world, They must have been grounded and fully attuned to their environment in order to survive. Well the same principle applies to our modern and hectic lives. Centering goes hand & hand with grounding as it is simply a relaxed state of awareness of the Self. In order to reach new levels of inspiration, creativity and intuition, one must be completely aware of their own thoughts as well as flow of ideas. That comes from being centered.


There are  many ways to ground yourself, here are a few:

  • Exercising like jogging or running
  • Working with your hands like arts & crafts
  • Holding stones such hematite and obsidian
  • Placing your bare feet on the grass
  • Sitting next to a tree
  • Visualizing your self as a Tree with roots reaching down into the earth.


Likewise, here are a few ways to center yourself on those stressful days!

  • Taking 3 deeps slow breathes, called the Three Great Breaths
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Holding crystals such as a crystal quartz
  • Placing your hands in a Prayer Position and focusing on your Higher Power
  • Visualizing a brilliant white light in the center of your body near your Sacral Chakra/belly button or your Heart Center

Try one or all these techniques to Ground & Center. From experience, it is best to Ground AND Center, that way your body is relaxed enough to get your mind centered and laser focused! Let me know how you feel after trying a few of these out!


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