How to keep your Aura Strong when Stressed!

How to keep your Aura Strong when Stressed!


The Aura is a natural electric magnetic field that surrounds your body and acts as a protective shield from everyday stressors! The Aura like the Atmosphere that surrounds our planet, has multiple layers which protects us from the Sun’s radiation. A healthy active lifestyle will keep your Aura radiant and strong. Unfortunately, fast food diets, traffic jams, lack of proper sleep and nutrition along with daily interactions can often times weaken your aura, making you feel either drained or overwhelmed with other people’s energy. See, when your Aura is weakened, you are more prone to getting sick with a cold or worse and who has time for that? No one! Your emotions and mental clarity becomes comprised by the drama of the moment.

auraStrengthen Your Aura!

A Psychic Tip is to visualize a brilliant white light coming from above as this has a cleansing and strengthening affect on your energy field! What you envision, your brain and responds to!

A Practical Tip is to drink lots of water, your aura is like a single cell in your body which relies on water to communicate with other cells. The more you water drink, the easier it is to handle waste that is built up toxins from both your aura and your body. Your skin is the last organ to absorb water, so drinking 8 oz. a day will leave your skin radiant as well as your aura!

If you want that extra help and calming affect during times of stress, taking a calming natural supplement that contains an herb with Ashwagandha. This actually adjust to how you react to stress, if you tend to explode and tense up, taking will have a calming soothing affect without feeling sleepy. If you tend to become withdrawn and sluggish, it will actually give you a kick of energy to stay productive! Bliss is what I use on days I know I’m going to be tested like Mondays and helps me to feel more centered and focused!

Nutritional Support can also help boost your immune system and energy levels, especially Vitamin B, that has the bonus affect of fortifying your energy field helping your body handle stress better! What I didn’t know was that stress depletes precious vitamins, specifically vitamin B’s. That is why I take Vitamin B Complex because it is fast-acting since your body absorbs 90% of it within 5 minutes and leaves my body and Aura re-energized!

These are by no means the only way to strengthen you Aura. There are many fun techniques you can do to re-enforce your natural energy field. Let me know how you strengthen your Aura?





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