Making Sense of the Senseless…#PrayforOrlando

Making Sense of the Senseless…#PrayforOrlando

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These pasts few days have been hard to find words for the recent events that happened in Orlando, Florida. It definitely hit close to home, since I was briefly in Orlando just a few weeks ago. The city felt so peaceful and calm.  But how exactly do we honored those souls who had families, friends, and people who loved them and at the same time, move forward with our lives, hoping for better days? It is amazing how much one person’s thoughts led to such a destructive impact on the entire world. I believe there is a healing light that can be found and that is in each other! I am overwhelmed by the love and support the gay, bisexual, transgendered, and queer community is receiving! At this very moment as I write this, vigils honoring those lives and families affected by the Orlando shooting at Club Pulse are being held. There is almost a feeling of comfort to know that so MANY people care! Unfortunately, gays and trans are being bullied and murdered every day all over the world. This tragedy has placed a burning spotlight on people’s minds that cannot be ignored anymore. Pride2016‬ is not just about partying, it is a powerful political act in the face of hatred, hypocrisy and fear.

Photo by Miami Herald
Photo by Miami Herald

While we try to makes sense of the senseless, we are now more than ever, experiencing an awakening, that we are not lonely islands untouched by the world like so many people go about their day thinking. Indeed, this attack on those innocent victims is truly an attack on humanity itself! I sense people are waking up to this fact. Like it or not, we are all a global family straight or gay. This is also why most of us, who are sensitive enough can feel, almost like a blanket of mixed emotions fear and love. The media amplifies this, there are really two stories playing all day. One story is demonizing a broken soul who lost his way which amplifies fear and rage. And the second story, that of a global community uniting stronger than ever to generate sense of solidarity, brotherhood and with time – healing. I know it is a difficult but for most of us (including myself) we have to go through the first story to get to the second. Just something to be aware of. After all, these were people just like me and you who lost everything they had going for them! However, you feel right now, honor that, stay with it and express it. We are human. But at some point, let us honor those beautiful souls who were celebrating, on our behalf, the right to be ourselves and our destiny that is the freedom of all humanity!

Blessed Be!

Regardless of your Spiritual Path, lets Honor Our Sisters and Brothers Together!




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