From MAC to MLM the”M” Words of Makeup

From MAC to MLM the”M” Words of Makeup


Many companies out there are promising cars, vacations, and other gimmicks to try to lure you into signing up without considering several facts. Don’t get me wrong! I’m not bashing or saying that they “don’t work”, they can work but you have to work a lot harder than you really need to! And isn’t that one of the main reasons you would even consider to start a beauty or health based business in the first place? To work smarter not of harder!

So what exactly is the “M” word I’m referring to? It is actually a number of words that many people don’t give too much thought into when comparing Beauty and Health Brands. I actually compare them here for you, so lets dive into the many “M Words” of Makeup!

Did you know that Motives does not manufacture it’s own products?


Motives Cosmetics is part of a Product Brokerage Company called Market America/SHOP.COM which has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. So what does a Product Brokerage mean? It means that Motives and all of Market America’s products are outsourced by top manufacturers. Motives is always searching for the latest trends in the market place, basically what is hot and cuts deals with those manufacturers of products you already love and reformulates them for an even better quality, all to be repackaged as Motives Cosmetics. Pretty cool, huh!?

product brokerage company“M” for Manufacturer

One of the main manufactures of Motives is actually Estee Lauder which owns MAC cosmetics. Other manufactures includes Channel, Lancome and many others. Our skincare line Lumiere De Vie is comparable to La Mer which is a high-end skincare line but you don’t have to pay the high-end cost! Market America has many divisions including health, weightloss, and web services. So if a product or manufacturer does not meet our high standards, we drop it, never relying solely on one product.

“M” for Money and MLM

So what is the difference between MLM and Market America/Motives Cosmetics? The primary difference is the Compensation Plan or the structure of a beauty or health company uses to pay you to market its products. As you can see in the diagram below, contrary to popular opinion, MLM’s and Traditional Business promotes competition. Market America promotes real teamwork and true leverage.

Examples of MLM’s includes Avon, Mary Kay, Herbal Life, Body by Vi, and YoungLiving (Any MLM) which all have the same business structure as a traditional business. They all have good products but the person at the bottom or newbie can NEVER make more money than those on top.

MLM Structure

Market America parent company of Motives Cosmetics, Isotonix, Heart Health, TLS Weight Loss, and WebCenters all share the same compensation plan (same pay check) which is why we can cross promote into other industries! AND a person just starting out CAN make MORE than the person on top! You actually get paid for the work you do!

Market America Compensation Plan

“M” Marketing, Media and Mavens

Unlike major cosmetics brands and MLM companies that I have seen, you will NOT see Motives advertised in commercials, store fronts and/or shopping malls. Motives does not invest their money into advertising, rather they invest it into building up their Beauty Advisors and Unfranchise Owners to get paid for their work and put the money where it belongs -YOUR pocket! I have seen many commercials and ads for MLM products that directs traffic to their company’s official sites which undercuts their distributors rather than using that money to help their consultants who are working hard to build their businesses. In fact, Motives was the first makeup line to reach out to beauty bloggers on Social Media to help spread the word, thereby making it easier to promote. Now called #MotivesMavens these Influencers helped MotivesCosmetics grow to over 2 Million followers on Instagram.

@Ellarie, @MakeupbyDennise, @Lala, @LorenRidinger, @MaryamNyc, @AuroraMakeup
@Ellarie, @MakeupbyDennise, @Lala, @LorenRidinger, @MaryamNyc, @AuroraMakeup



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