How to Handle Negative Energies!

How to Handle Negative Energies!


Let’s face it! There is darkness in the world. Every time we get sucked into people’s drama, avoid our gut instincts to NOT walk into a certain place and don’t set healthy boundaries for ourselves, we open up to being drained and dumped on by the harmful energies in the world around us. What do I mean by “energy”? It is vibration that a person, place or thing emits that you can intuitively sense. We all have a sort of antennae or radio dish that can send and receive energy, called your Aura or Energy Field. Energy is neither good nor bad, it is all about the intention of people. Most people face life on ‘auto pilot mode” and are at whims of the world around them. That is the first clue on how to handle negative energies, is not to be the walking dead that you see driving home at 5 p.m. everyday. Live on purpose and have passion, this will automatically “protect” your energy by the sheer focus of your willpower!

Get FocusedWhat-you-focus-on-you-create_daily-inspiration

You literately take back the power you have given to people when you start to focus on your goals! Have you ever noticed that the moment you decide to do something new, EVERYONE has an opinion about it and most of it is a warning. “Be careful”, “Be realistic” or “Don’t do this or Don’t do that”! You automatically begin to weed out the people who truly believe in you from those who don’t. Try not to take it personal if certain people don’t support you, most mean well since they are just afraid “for” you because they care. As for the rest, they are simply being fearful because to see someone take action towards their passion reminds them of the lack thereof in their current situation. Focus on doing the best you know how! By focusing on your goals, you become the sturdy rock in the river that allows the currents of everyone’s desires and emotions to flow passed you! No one can touch or phase you, this will automatically alert you and shield you from lower energies!

Cleanse & Ground Yourself

cleanseCleanse and ground your energy. Everytime I feel like my space has been invaded by heavy energy from other people or places I immediately ground myself. Grounding is about getting rid of the excess energy you have picked up. Especially, in retail jobs where you are in constant contact with people, some days it can be very draining. So on bathroom breaks, I used to lock myself in a bathroom stall and visualize a beaming shower of White Light like a waterfall washing away any and all harmful energies into the Earth while taking deep breaths. This grounds any excess energies you may have picked up. Once you feel lighter, picture a metallic blue light surrounding your body, this protects your Aura and keeps your energy high. All my co-workers would wonder why I’d be so cheerful all the time and it was because I was in control of my energy! You can also burn sage and wave it around your Aura as the potent smoke will clear you instantly! And if you have the time for it, you can also use Sea Salt baths since it is very grounding and cleansing!

Raise Your Energyaura

Everything I discussed so far pretty much raises your energy! And at the risk of sounding redundant, what raises your energy is anything that makes you feel good! That is why I am big advocate of saturating your mind with uplifting content. Read books, articles, listen to music and watch videos that are uplifting and that truly motivates you! Your Mind is the most powerful weapon against negative energy! Your Attitude colors your whole day and directly impacts how you handle negative energies to love and peace! Praying, Chanting and Meditating are all tools anyone can use to raise their energy! So call on the Angels, Guides, and whatever Higher Power you believe in to help you to reach a higher vibration in everything you do in life. Infuse your life with positive and uplifting energy and watch how EVERYTHING begins to change! And not only for yourself but for the people around you! The world needs you to be a force of light, now more than ever!


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