3 Ways To Control A Drama Queen and Stop Them in Their...

3 Ways To Control A Drama Queen and Stop Them in Their Tracks!


You know that ONE person who loves drama and can’t wait to hear the latest “juicy details” of other people’s lives! “Drama for them has become a source of motivation for these people who deep down, feel stuck in their lives because their not living their passion or full potential” said my dear friend Diego, who illuminated my mind in a recent conversation. Our discussion became much bigger than ourselves since I knew we were not the only ones who felt this way! I had to share what I discovered about drama queens and the tools I use to neutralize their draining affects. The main thing to understand is that for MOST people, drama whether it’s from friends, T.V. Movies, or the “News” is the most excitement people feel all day! Here are a few effective ways on how to STOP their spread of negativity in the world.


Dominate the Conversation – by constantly focusing on the higher purpose of the situation. They will quickly get bored or go back to their emotional roller coaster. By holding your vision of the higher purpose, you invite them to change their mental and emotional state. Like a tuning fork, they will either join you in your new vibe or will leave because they either find you annoying or boring – which is a very GOOD thing!

Disengage – Don’t give them stuff to talk about, gossip is their fuel! Pessimistic people actually feed off the energy of drama rather than focusing on their passion. They are individuals who lost sight of the deeper and very real reality of life. And that is, we are all here to grow into our Highest Self. Disengage from their embellished stories by holding an attitude of non-judgement and choose to see the deeper meaning behind their drama.

Cut Down the drama that you consume everyday! Law of Attraction states that “like attracts like” and so if you’re engaging in drama from different sources, you will most likely attract more people, situations and circumstances like it into your life. The key is to minimize drama and MAXIMIZE the things you love!

And remember drama is simply a story we tell ourselves of what we “think” is happening. An important question to ask yourself is “Will I feel the same way 1 Year from now about this situation?” Chances are, you won’t!


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