How to Muster Up Courage During Big Changes!

How to Muster Up Courage During Big Changes!


You know it’s coming! Change. And you are scared, excited and yet deep down you know it’s inevitable! Life happens fast, don’t be the one to let it pass you by while you see others GO after their dreams! I have personally been going through some major changes and I noticed almost everyone I know is too. Most humans are comfort seeking people, it is no wonder why we feel like the ground beneath us is shaken when things happen out of our control. And so, I am sharing a few simple yet powerful tools I use that you can do right now to cultivate courage while going through any transitional period.

A Few Ways to Increase Courage and Confidence!

Visualize yourself already successful – By taking creative control over our emotions and mindset we can gain more courage through visualization. Visualization is simply imagining the ultimate outcome of a situation. It is a natural and simple way, we as humans can picture or practice a new experience that has yet to exist. Immerse yourself in the image of yourself feeling, touching, tasting and being in the experience that you want have. Nothing can ever exist without someone visualizing it! You literately tap into your subconscious mind to program yourself for a successful outcome.

Go with the flow – While you initiate what you want with the power of your mind through visualization. Be flexible as to how this major change comes about. Ultimately, every change is really a new beginning, which is always a good thing. Trusting and having faith that the highest good is going to happen can give you unshakable courage! Especially, when you feel things are out of your control. And that alone is powerful! Visualize what you want the outcome to be yet go with the flow of how things unfold for you. This creates peace and ease during stressful times!

Milk every opportunity – We face many crossroads in our lives and within the confusion and uncertainty of change lies opportunity! Train yourself to think Change = OPPURTUNUITY! Every new moment is an opportunity for us to grow on every level! What opportunities lies hidden within the changes around you? Is it a new career, a new found freedom, new location or even a new sense of Self!? Look for the opportunities that life brings you, after all, life opens up when you do!

Change happens to all of us as we face life, change IS Life and the more we can incrementally embrace it, the more grace we invite into our lives!


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