Pumpkins, Ghosts and Candy! What is Halloween?

Pumpkins, Ghosts and Candy! What is Halloween?

Truth about Halloween, History, Origins of Samhein

Where Does It All Come From?

There is a hidden history to this Holiday that few people really know about! The word Halloween comes from the word “Samhein” which is the ancient Pagan and Celtic Fire Festival celebrating the end of summer and beginning of the darker half of the year. Pronounced “saa-ween”, the ancients believed that at this point in time the “veil between the worlds” is at it’s thinnest!

Spirits & Masks

Samhein is celebrated as the Pagan’s Day of the Dead where spirits and the ancestors from the Spirit World is believed to walk the earth. There are many reasons why Celtic dressed up in masks (especially scary ones) the main theory is that Celts believed some spirits would become earth bound and trapped in between the worlds. To help these lost souls they would scare them back to the Otherside by wearing threatening masks! Another reasonable explanation is that both good AND evil spirits would cross over to our dimension and so the Celtics needed to scare off these bad entities. By wearing these masks, it would allow a more clearer communication between our loved ones from the Otherside! All this led to food offerings to these weary traveling spirits. And so, that is why we still see food and candy exchanging in today’s celebrations!

Modern Halloween 

There are many theories as to how exactly Halloween became so commercialized and so widely celebrated. Every religion and most human beings really, are so fascinated with the experience of death and what lies in the afterlife. That is why we see Hollywood capitalizing on this Holiday with Horror films, The Walking Dead theme parks and flashy fun Costumes! But All Hallows Days, another name for this Holiday is a time for reconnecting with our imagination, our intuitive nature and the spirit within and those that may passing by to say “Hello”! Ultimately, by celebrating the Day of the Dead somehow makes us feel more ALIVE!

Happy Trick-O-Treating!


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