How To Get Paid To Shop!

How To Get Paid To Shop!


We all want to be a smart shopper who gets the best deals at the lowest price! Yet it can be very time consuming to go from website to website to compare prices on the things you want to buy! And what if you can that AND get cashback for it with no paid membership required. has made this possible! What I discovered is that I can not only get CashBack on things I already buy, but will price compare for me by sifting through over 5,000 partner stores! Crazy huh!? The video explains this awesome concept! The best part is becoming a Preferred Customer is absolutely FREE!

 3 Hacks that will Catapult your Savings and Earnings when you Shop!

1- Love Groupon and LivingSocial? These are partner stores that both give 3% Cashback as of today! Use this to double your buying power and leverage two of the most popular money saving websites!

2 – is a gift card website where you can Buy or Sell Giftcards that people don’t want – at a Discount! Here is how to Triple Dip in Savings using this website:

Step 1 Get Cashback via

Step 2 Buy a discounted gift card

Step 3 Shop at our partner stores with your discounted gift card to earn more Cashback!

BONUS: Use a Cashback back Credit Card to by the gift card from Raise AND your items from a partner store to Quadruple and even Quintuple you Savings!

3 – Shop Buddy is your Personal Shop Advisor! No matter what site you’re on, if it a partner store such as Macy’s, Target, Best Buy and thousands of others, it will literately scan for COUPON CODES, DISCOUNTS AND DEALS! It’s completely Free to download, simply signup to be a preferred customer (also free) to activate your Cashback Account!




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