What are Archetypes and How to Use Them to Improve Your Life!

What are Archetypes and How to Use Them to Improve Your Life!


Movies, T.V. and books are all filled with stories of Heroes and Heroines saving the innocent from evil. Or the story of the Seeker in search of  the truth and finds the Teacher who pulls the wisdom right from the pupil. These recurring character and story elements are drawn from universally present themes known as “Archetypes”, which the dictionary defines as “a recurrent symbol or motif in literature, art, or mythology”. Archetypes are threads embedded in human consciousness that literately transcends cultures and time through centuries of story-telling!

Joseph Campbell’s book The Power of Myth which emphasizes how much these stories impact our daily routine and can actually bring about a sense of wonderment to our lives! Carl Jung, founder of analytical psychology coined the term “collective unconscious” which is an invisible living Energy Field that connects us to all of life! This “Collective Unconsciousness” actually contains these Archetypal Energies that actually influences our subconscious minds to generate ideas, decisions and human behavior. This is how two people from across the world can have the same ground breaking idea at the same time! It is a subtle yet extremely powerful concept once you are ‘aware’ of it! It is very natural to tap into the power of an archetype as it can literately change the game for you in family, romance, career, business, spirituality and in every aspect of your life!

How To Tap Into The Innate Knowledge of Those Who Have Gone Before!

Become Aware

There are endless ways to connect with an Archetype in order to empower yourself! The fastest way I discovered to apply this knowledge into your life is to simply become aware of it and ask yourself in any given situation “What Archetypal Energy is already influencing my life?” What many don’t understand is that there is a Light & Dark aspect to every Archetype. For example, the Warrior is a self-disciplined and self-aware individual that can either protect or destroy life, but did you know you can use the warrior energy to destroy negative energies and patterns in your life and protect and train your mind to be laser focused in meditation and in daily life! The key is not be afraid of the darkness but to USE IT since it only exists to help you to honor and experience the Light version of it. 

Set Your Intention

Once you become ‘aware’ of the major archetypes at play in your life, you can learn to use it’s energy to boost and accelerate your career, family and spiritual growth! By setting your intention through specific daily affirmations and visualization, you begin to bring about the change you want to shift your mindet! Remember, ALL these archetypes already exist within you, what you are really doing is tapping into a deeper part of yourself that will help you focus and more fully embody it’s energy in order to create change within yourself and the world around you. For example, let’s say you are studying to be a massage therapist or you already are one, you can set your intention through daily affirmations by declaring “I AM a clear and powerful channel for universal healing energies to flow through me that serves the highest good for my clients today!” and visualize healing rainbow energies flowing through you as you work throughout the day. Even if you are a nurse or doctor, you are part of the Healer Archetype, so can use it more consciously. You will suddenly feel, almost like someone turned on a light switch, start attracting the right people, patients and opportunities to promote health and wellness in your practice or community! The same principles applies to all Archetypes!

Universal Archetypes That Are Well Known

The Hero – Use to take immediate action towards goals

The Warrior – Use for Self-discipline and mindfulness of thought

The Healer – Use to create balance and alignment in oneself and others

The Sage – Use to seek truth and find answers to life’s journey

The Rockstar – Use to command attention and get noticed

The Lover – Use to feel confident in your body

The Creator- Use to give birth to new ideas and enhance creativity

These are just some well-known Archetypes that you can use and as you deliberately bring these energies into your life, you are also ADDING your personal flavor to the Collect Unconscious!


    • Yes Jorge! A mentor and life coach would definitely encompass the archetype of a Sage. The Sage is a wise person who can offer a different perspective than most and acts as a mentor for others! Hope this helps!

  1. I randomly stumbled into your site looking for makeup tips, but oooooh, you had so much more up your sleeve didn’t you?!

    I find that every person’s site that I land on always has a deeper reason for me “stumbling” onto it! Clearly a little synchronicity at play.

    What keeps popping into my head over and over is to ask if you’ve heard of or read the book Reality Unveiled by Ziad Masri? It is one of thee neatest books I’ve ever read! I am already a believer, I KNOW we create what we focus on, but so many people don’t buy it, it’s especially hard explaining to friends and family. This book takes so many legit science experiments, mostly in quantum physics, but all over the spectrum, and lays it all out why there is SO much more to this Universe than what meets the eye & how it isn’t fantasy, or wishful thinking or BS, but scientifically proven, amazing results that turn everything we think we know on its head! It’s only like 5 bucks for kindle on Amazon, but it’s worth so much more. Once again, I found it just by randomly stumbling around the internet. I find so many awesome things that I know are meant for me to find right there at that moment in time. Like your article here, I have been stuck, stuck in a strange funk of depression, fear, & anxiety. Tomorrow I’m suppose to start some much needed new daily rituals like exercising and eating well. I needed to read this and call upon my inner warrior and healer! Thank you David!

    • WOW!!! Ruby you made my day! It is wonderful to know that I can connect with amazing people who are like minded which is why I created this blog. I have learned so much about the Universe and like you so wisely mentioned how certain things you know are meant for you. I have been MIA but will be posting ALOT more now that I myself am in a better place too! We all go through ups and downs but by focusing on our goals and accessing our inner warrior we can accomplish anything! Thank you for sharing with me your love of makeup!


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