921435_10208472021096882_2048145912013899561_o-1.jpgWe all have walked through many paths in life which serves only to enhance what you are destined to become. My path has led me down many roads that had me feeling conflicted and often times left me confuse to connections that I felt were there. Throughout my journey, I bridged many realms of thought, that were not so obvious to me at first – metaphysical, aesthetics, tangible and abstract. I realized these paths all lead down to the same road –Empowerment.

My Motivations

My is to desire to share my knowledge of beauty, human psychology and metaphysical studies to help others lead more powerful lives as I continue to learn everyday! Since I have felt destined for more, something I have seen in countless people, I believe owning your beauty, life and business is the fastest route towards self-realization and spiritual & financial freedom!


My mission now is to serve others with excellence, from a place of love and passion for the Metaphysical, Beauty, and Social Media worlds all with the Physical and Spiritual Well-being of each client and reader in mind!