My Spiritual Journey

My Spiritual Journey

12248174_1027295863957177_1689210103158993016_oEver since I could remember, I always felt fascinated by the Supernatural! I experienced many powerful moments where I felt completely connected to the entire Universe! That is when I knew – magic really existed! There was something much greater than myself and the world around me than what we were being told to believe.

At 13, I met a Psychic Medium at a local bookstore and finally realized I wasn’t alone with my experiences. In my early 20’s I became a Reiki Master in the growing field of Energy Healing, a passion I discovered that involves facilitating healing for others. Yet, there was a yearning for an even deeper connection to the Universe. I read every self-help book I could get my hands on, joined Meetup Groups, went to different workshops and seminars. My passion ignited while studying the Tarot, which led me to a wonderful woman by the name of Sandy Anastasi who I didn’t know at the time, is the famous John Edwards first teacher, which is pretty cool. I instantly felt like I found my home! I became trained Psychic Tarot Reader which filled many of the gaps I knew I was missing spiritually.

Mind, Body & Makeup!

My psychic spiritual journey overlapped with my makeup journey. I used makeup to help people light to shine, something I struggled with for many years. See while I was growing my psychic skills, I was also growing my makeup skills! I found myself with all these wonderful skills but no one to share it with! That is when I realized I had cultivated a powerful desire to connect with others at a much larger scale and it has led me to be mentored by one of the Top Social Media Influencers in the world! My new found mission is to help YOU connect to your Inner Beauty & Intuition!

Spirituality is about being Social

And connecting with others as a Global community! I want to dispel the myth that spiritual people are quiet introverts tucked away in a far away temple (although I would enjoy that too), when in fact, there are many spiritual people who enjoy fame and use it to uplift others.  I’m not afraid to admit that I enjoy the spotlight in socializing and sharing ideas, since I’m using my spirituality to connect with others at a deeper level and helping people become more confident to pursue their dreams.

Spirituality is Beautiful

I want to dispel the idea that makeup, skincare and image/beauty is all about vanity, shallowness and having a big ego. I want to shine a bright light on the fact that makeup can actually change your Mood and Aura and Skin-Care is about Self-Love and taking good care of yourself!

Spirituality equals Wealth

I define spirituality by a holistically approach that includes physical wellness, social wellness and financial wellness, which leads to another myth that a lot of people struggle with (including myself) which is the association that to be ‘spirituality connected’ means you have to live in poverty and forsake all worldly things, that financial gain is not spiritual. There is nothing spiritual about being poor. As long your intention is to help others, creating wealth can be a spiritual act that can change countless lives!