Partner With Me

Partner With Me

David LealDoes the Idea of Doing Business Online From Home Excite You?

It should, because in today’s economy, it’s totally accessible to anyone!  All you need to create a successful business online is passion and consistency.
Listen, it makes absolutely no sense to build a business around something that you’re not passionate about.  It’s simply a recipe for failure.
My passion is beauty and wellness, building real relationships with honor, and most importantly, being a conduit for my Higher Power.  Everything I do is intermingled with these things and in following where Intuition leads me.
In 2017, you can have the opportunity to work with me while building your own unique business based on makeup, skincare and/or wellness.
Every person who works with me creates a very distinct business, all their own and on their own terms.  Although we share common vision in the use of beauty and health, each person will build a business which reflects them, and draws the kind of people they are passionate about serving.
Choosing to start your own business with Motives Cosmetics/Market America and David’s creative team is the best way to get started online. 

What You Can Expect When You Join My Team:


  • Step by Step Training
  • Access to Training Calls totally FREE
  • Access to Business Building Techniques and Support in Facebook Groups
  • A Real Opportunity to Build a Business You’re Passionate About with Great Income
  • Become part of a highly creative, fun and Spiritually-Centered team!
In fact, you’ll get all the training tools you could possibly need to create a business perfect for you.  The only thing you need to provide is consistency, dedication and passion. 

I look Forward to Serving You!


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If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me on my Facebook Page! I am LIVE there, simply leave your questions in the comments!