Principles of Wealth

Principles of Wealth

wealth-and-abundanceIf you ask the next person you see “Do you wish you were wealthy?” They would say “YES, I wish!” See everyone wishes that they could live in wealth but few know what becoming wealthy really entails much less know the 5 Main Principles of Wealth. For 95% of the population, achieving wealth seems like a mystery. Sort of like the feel of the featured image above, but if you look closely, you will notice that there is an actual Science behind it much like the Vitruvian Man behind the words! And words are powerful, so lets first start by defining what Wealth really is…

What exactly is wealth?


After reading countless of books and meeting hundreds of wealthy people, I realized that wealth is defined differently for each individual but most importantly, being Wealthy has more to do with how you plan to get there than just something that seems to “happen” to you! Therefore, wealth is really about the amount of money AND fulfillment you need to feel successful.


These 5 Principles of Wealth guides you to Escape the Rat Race!

JR Ridinger demonstrates how most people are stuck on a treadmill of constant bills, boredom and debt never fully enjoying life. The point is, even that is a choice!

People want to escape the Rat Race and go after their dreams. Financial and Time Freedom being the main reason. With more and more exposure to American culture, shows like Oprah, Keeping up with the Kardashians and Rupaul’s Drag Race, gives us a glimpse into wealth and encouraging us to achieve our dreams while being Who We Really Are. Most people from around the world are becoming increasingly concern with the pursuit of happiness to feel Fulfillment and Self-Actualization in their work. You may desire financial freedom to be able to travel in style to world destinations or time freedom to stay home with your kids and/or even spend more time with aging parents.

How to Guarantee to that you WON’T create Wealth!

Being an Entrepreneur is NOT for everyone, its ONLY for those who want to be Successful! -Eva Longoria

You know that person who went to college and has even earned a Masters Degree all the while are either working at the same job they had before or not working in the field that they spent years studying for! Even if they are working in their field, they are questioning “Why Am I doing THIS!?” or if they are lucky truly love what they do, they are rarely getting paid for what they are worth much less see their worth! It’s not that you’re not smart enough, you may have a degree to prove it, it’s not that you haven’t worked hard enough, you have devoted countless hours towards your degree or job, you just have not applied these Principles to your life. And even if you are lucky, you may even be “successful” at what you do but you have become a slave to it. Without you, everything would cease and income stops. With the Principles of Wealth, you CAN Break Free like Ariana Grande and become a Star doing what you love!

The 5 Principles of Wealth

In future posts, I will explore how each of these Principles work in creating Wealth for yourself!

  1. Timing
  2. Cashflow
  3. Tax advantages
  4. Residual Income
  5. Education

You will discover what each one means and how they literately build on one another and the best part how effortless they all flow together!